Project Management Training Course

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This on-line Project Management Training Course from PTTC E Learning is essential for anyone who might need to manage projects either at work or privately. It’s perfect for admin teams, construction teams, electricians, builders or anyone coming in to contact with projects or project management.


Project Management Training Course

High Quality Accredited & Certificated Project Management Training Course From As Little As Only £22.74 Per Person


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Taking a day off work can cost a small fortune, then there’s the course costs, & the travel. With our courses you can take them any where there’s an internet connection. At home, at work or on the train, from Mobile, PC or Tablet the choice is yours.

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We all know that time is one of the most precious things we have, & it’s something we can’t get back. With our courses there’s no need to spend hours travelling to a class or in a classroom. You can learn when you want, or when you can.

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With our courses there is no need to wait an age to find out if you’ve passed & get your Certificate. With all of our courses you can download your certificate to your, computer, mobile or tablet as soon as you’ve successfully completed the course!

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Its pointless buying a course & spending time learning, when it wont fit your purpose. So our online Project Management course are 100% fit for purpose and accredited by major players in the industry sectors, so you can rest assured you wont be wasting time or money with us!


This Course Includes

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Who Is This Project Management Training Course For?

Our PTTC E Learning Project Management course is perfect for anyone who is either looking to manage a project for the first time or looking to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding in basic project management.

A successful project requires many aspects, such as good planning, efficient management, effective monitoring and an understanding of potential risks and issues, and without these basic elements being in place a project will have a greater opportunity for failure.

So this course is designed to give you and your team with the opportunity to build and develop the key skills and necessary knowledge and understand of what key elements are needed to come together to make a project successful. These skills can be used for such projects as office relocation, staff recruitment, construction works, event planning etc.

So if you are looking to up skill and develop your team in project management then this course that is Certified by the Continued Professional Development Service (CPD) is most definitely for you. It will provide a far greater understanding of key elements of project management that include types of project, project life cycles, features and processes, identifying needs, SWOT analysis, risks and issues and monitoring to name but a few.

Why Do You Need Project Management Training?

Our PTTC E Learning Project Management course is packed full of information, tips, and helpful advice to keep a project well managed and prevent it from suffer the usual issues of feature creep, delays, going over budget that can prevent a project from being completed and costing organisations dearly.

When a project is correctly managed by an informed and confident team that are communicating and all working to the same aims and objectives any project will have a far greater chance for overall success.


This project management course is CPD Certified (Continued Professional Development service) and designed to give a firm understanding, and awareness of the basic key principles or good project management, while also providing you and your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan confidently and effectively to reduce the risks and issues that a project can face while increasing the projects overall changes success.

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The Course Outline

Our Fully Accredited and Industry Approved On-line Project Management Training Course is aimed at anyone that may come into contact projects or project management within their day to day duties at work.

This course has Six modules, each consisting of a High Definition Interactive Video Tutorials (16 in total), with built in Question & Answer Sessions. The Modules include:

  • Introducing Project management

    This section will walk you through the Project Management.

  • Terminology & Project Lifestyle

    This section will discuss Types of Projects, Project Lifecycles, Terminology, and the elements of Features and Processes Involved in Projects.

  • Identifying Needs, Project Aims & Objectives

    This section will explain the Types of Needs, Identifying Needs, and SWOT Analysis.

  • Project Aims, Objectives and Initiation

    This section will explain how to set effective and practical Aims and Objectives.

  • Gantt Charts, Budgets, Risks & Issues

    This section will walk you through how to take Project Milestones, and Risks & Issues.

  • Monitoring Change, Stakeholders & Terminology

    This final section will explain how to Monitor Change, project Stakeholders & Terminology, and then Ending a project.

We will also supply you with FREE helpful guidance documents and recognised publications to help provide you with an even greater understanding of the subject.

Key Benefits of This Course

This online Project Management course has the vital content to provide employees with Project Management Knowledge & Skills in an online course format. Our highly engaging and learner friendly course is CPD Certified (Continued Professional Development service) and it is designed to give cost effective, low stress and time efficient training experience that will provide you and your team with a good understanding, and awareness of the basic key principles or good project management.

Once you or your team members have worked through all of the 6 modules, with the 16 professionally filmed HD video lessons, which will take around 2 hours, they have must successfully have answered 75% of the questions that are posed at the end of each module. They can then simply download the CPD Certified certificate.

All of our High Quality Online Project Management Training Course provides you and your staff with:

  • Courses Written By Experts
  • This Course Is Fully Certified by CPD
  • Independently Audited
  • Training That Is Instantly Available
  • Designed for Use on Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, & Desktops.
  • Complies With Best Practice
  • 16 High Quality & Highly Engaging Video Content, Presented By Real People
  • Reduces Training Costs
  • Reduces Staff Time Away From Site
  • Full Administrative Audit Trail On Courses
  • This Course is certified to use at part of Continued Professional & Personal Development.
  • Instant Download Of Certification Upon The Successful Completion
  • Every Course Comes With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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If you are not sure if our Online Project Management  Training Course is the right course for you, or if you’re a bit dubious as to the quality of our training course will be what you’re expecting why not try one module of the course of your choice inc the assessment FOR FREE . This will give you a free chance to experience hands on our on-line learning environment. To get a Free Trial Just click on the ‘Free Trial Logo & follow the video instructions to access the online learning area. Once you have trialled the module you will then be given the option to purchase & continue with your course!

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