Data Protection Training Course – GDPR Course

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This up to date 2018 on-line Data Protection Training Course from PTTC E Learning is essential for anyone who manages or might come into contact with personal data within the workplace. Our On Line Data Protection Course will help to be compliant with legislation.


Data Protection Training Course

High Quality Accredited & Certificated Data Protection Training Course From As Little As Only £22.74 Per Person


Meets All Legal Standards

All of our course are designed & written by industry qualified & competent professionals, courses also meet all current legal requirements and best practices. So you can rest assured that once you have passed the course you will be legally compliant.

Cost Effective Training

Taking a day off work can cost a small fortune, then there’s the course costs, & the travel. With our courses you can take them any where there’s an internet connection. At home, at work or on the train, from Mobile, PC or Tablet the choice is yours.

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We all know that time is one of the most precious things we have, & it’s something we can’t get back. With our courses there’s no need to spend hours travelling to a class or in a classroom. You can learn when you want, or when you can.

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With our courses there is no need to wait an age to find out if you’ve passed & get your Certificate. With all of our courses you can download your certificate to your, computer, mobile or tablet as soon as you’ve successfully completed the course!

Accredited By

Its pointless buying a course & spending time learning, when it wont fit your purpose. So our On-line Data Protection Course is 100% fit for purpose and accredited by a major player in the education industry sector, so you can rest assured you wont be wasting time or money with us!

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This Course Includes

Minutes of Video
Hours to Complete*

Who Is This (GDPR) Data Protection Training Course For?

Our PTTC E Learning Data Protection Course is perfect if you are looking to learn more about Data Protection and how or if it effects you.

Do you need Data Protection Training is the most popular question we get asked, and the simple answer is, if you or your organisation handles personal information about individuals, then you have legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 & the New GDPR 2018 updates due to come in to force on 25th May 2018 to protect that information. You can find out more about the act here.

The benefits of good data safety are numerous, the main benefit is of course staying compliant with legislation, but also it includes, good business practice, the protection of people’s rights, people personal data and the protection of your organisations reputation.


In recent years some major companies and individuals have experienced serious legal consequences, and major negative publicity in the press because of data protection breaches, and this highlights just a few reasons why it is so important to get it right.

For every organisation and the staff that handle personal data, Data Protection Training must be a vital part of any company’s data protection policy and practices. This would include organisations such as Human Resources departments, Staffing Agencies, Companies that hold or retain customers personal data to name just a few. If this sounds like your organisation, job role or employer if you haven’t had  training then you should and our online e learning Data Protection course will be perfect for you and general data protection needs.

Why Do You Need Data Protection Training?

It is a legal requirement under the Data Protection Act 1998 & the Updated 2018 legislation that those who collect and or use personal data protect that data, and use it legally. A loss of data may not only be costly to you as an organisation, but also it could be catastrophic to the people that the data refers to. This is where our PTTC E Learning Data Protection training comes in to its own.

This Online Data Protection course will provide you and your team with a fairly in depth general overview of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and its implications within the workplace and especially within your business.

The training is delivered via our online learning portal, where you can get accesses on all smart devices including laptops, mobiles, tablets and desktops 24 hours a day 7 days per week. You or your team members will be taken through the training via 70 minutes of HD Professionally filmed and presented videos, and at the end of each of the 7 learning modules, (detailed at the bottom of this page) the learners will have their knowledge tested via question and answer session. On successfully viewing the video lessons, and correctly answering at least 70% of the 34 questions you will be awarded the CPD Certified (Continued Professional Development service) certificate that you can download.

On successfully completing the course you or your team members will:

  • Be aware of current legislation relating to Data Protection
  • Understand the eight principles of the data protection act
  • Be aware of & understand the key definitions relating to data protection
  • Be able to describe what these principles mean to them in their role & to your orgainsation
  • Appreciate the key concerns for data protection relating to a number of different sectors
  • Understand what should be done when data breaches occur
  • Understand how data protection breaches are enforced

Please remember that this Data Protection training to any organisation that collects, stores or uses personal data in there business is a legal and moral necessity, so don’t leave this training to chance. Get trained in an highly engaging and learner friendly way, that is cost effective, low stress and time efficient for your team and business.

There is no time like right now to start learning.

Get Trained & Qualified Today!

The Course Outline

Our Fully CPD Certified On-line Data Protection Training Course is aimed at anyone that may come into contact, handle or store personal data within their day to day duties at work.

This Data Protection course has seven engaging modules, each consisting of a High Definition Interactive Video Tutorials, with built in Question & Answer Sessions. The Modules include:

  • The benefits of good data safety

    This first module will prepare you for the training & its structure, and then explain the benefits of good data safety.

  • Rights and conditions under the Act

    This detailed module will take you through the rights and conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998 & 2018 updates.

  • The Data Protection Act

    This module will explain the Legislation around Data Protection, and form this you will be able to understand better how this impacts you and your organisation.

  • Data sharing and security

    Within this module you will learn about the requirements relating to data sharing and security.

  • Creating a data protection statement or policy

    This is a must for your and your business, and this module will explain and show you how to create an all important data protection statement and policy.

  • Case study

    A great way to put all the information together is a case study, this module will take you through an actual case study and explain how you put all this learning in to practice.

  • Requests for information covered by the Data Protection Act

    This final module will walk you through handling requests for personal data, and your legal responsibilities to provide or supply data.

We will also supply you with FREE helpful guidance documents and recognised publications to help provide you with an even greater understanding of the subject.

Key Benefits of This Course

This online Data Protection course has the vital content to provide an acceptable level of awareness, understanding, knowledge and competence to you or your employees to be able toProtect and Manage Data within your organisation in line with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 via a low pressure, informative and highly engaging online course format.

Once you or your team members have successfully worked through and successfully all 7 modules of the course in around 1.5 hours you can simply download the CPD Certified certificate.

All of our High Quality On-Line Data Protection Training Course provides you and your staff with:

  • Courses Written By Experts
  • Independently Audited
  • Training Covers The Data Protection Act 1998 & 2018 Updates
  • Training That Is Instantly Available & 24 hours a day
  • Designed for Use on Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, & Desktops.
  • 7 High Definition Professionally Made Videos
  • High Quality & Highly Engaging Video Content, Presented By Real People
  • Reduces Training Costs
  • Reduces Staff Time Away From Site
  • Full Administrative Audit Trail On Courses
  • Instant Download Of Certification Upon The Successful Completion
  • Every Course Comes With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • This Course is certified to use at part of Continued Professional & Personal Development.

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